The Writing Bug #1 – Conflict

“The Conflicts we have in the outside world are generally the conflicts we have within ourselves.”

The best example of conflict that I can think of comes from the animated movie Megamind (IMDb). It’s not just an example of a conflict in action, but it also serves to tell just how crucial a conflict is to a good script/ story/ plot/ central idea. Let’s see how. … 


The Writing Bug

I’m supposed to do it later – as far as P.R. principles go anyway – but I am more candid and upfront on paper than I am in person. So, right off the bat. My name is Aayush Das and I am a writer.
Not heard of me? Not your fault! I am yet to be published apart from my blog – you can read it at .
This post is an introduction to the world of writing. If you like writing, or even reading, this is one blog that you’ll find amusing. Trust me, it takes a lot of skill to be that confident. …