Who is Arpit Goyal

Hi I’m Arpit Goyal, Developer with aesthetics.

I program Web / Apps (Full-Stack),
Earlier I used to do front-end mostly,then I started exploring more into Back-end, Productivity and Marketing Strategy and Obviously in Front-end / Usability

I know to code in Python, PHP, C++, etc. At my current job (@ TownScript) I’m required to write Java at back-end and a lot of cool frameworks we use.
I am always excited about Productivity Techniques and tools, Which I will be writing about, to help you with concentrating more on what you want to do and, doing it efficiently, and some workflow techniques to help you do things the correct way, more specifically to make you aware of the best practices taken in real world for efficiency and gaining best results possible.

I am an art lover, always listening to music, watching videos, enjoys helping friends struggling with technologies, it was a very new and exciting experience for me when last time I tried Tracking and mount climbing, would like to go more for adventurous trips like that.

To know more about my experiences Here’s my resume and LinkedIn or follow me at Facebook, my Twitter Handle is @_arpitgoyal.

don’t worry if you don’t know what this (Front-end, Usability, etc.) all means, I’m here for this reason only, to make your life easier.

Let us start with front-end,


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Arpit Goyal

Arpit Goyal

Startup evangelist, Product enthusiast, Techie, Blogger Found dLotus on concept of "Imagination is more important than knowledge"


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