Who is Saleem Ahmed


I am Saleem Ahmed, coder, programmer and an algorithm designer

My first programming experience started with “Logo” – a simple high level language software which produced graphics based on the user commands. I was nine then. I have come a long way from logo, Basic, C, C++, Java , python, Php and more recently Octave used for the higher mathematical models required to design a machine learning algorithm.

I have been in the Web Dev industry for the past 5 years.  I primarily work on open source technologies. Php being my stronghold used for Server Side Scripting of a Web App.

I love reading, writing and anything literary. I write random haiku’s when I take breaks in between scripting a bot on python. I love anything new and I am never afraid to explore. My mission is to be able to provide everyone with exactly what they deserve, just keep doing my part and someday humanity will be restored.

To know more about my experiences Here’s my  LinkedIn or follow me at Facebook.

don’t worry if you don’t know what scripting and servers and open source and algo design means, I shall unravel every mystery and present before you like a lover prostrate in the ultimate enlightenment.

Let us start with coding and programming…


Saleem Ahmed

Coder, Algorithm Designer, Growth Hacker. Ubiquitous Problem Solver, #NodeJs #AngularJs #MeanStack Listening to Bach helps me concentrate on building things. Passion for anything related to technology, especially interested towards application of AI and machine learning to solve real world problems.


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