The approach that matters

“I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.”

-Chinese proverb

This proverb, if you fully grasp its meaning, will bring a smile of gratitude on your face. A smile that says that it took three small sentences to teach you the most important part of any activity, be it a project, a discussion or the latest trend in town – start ups. If you’ve figured it out and are already flying out with the idea you’ve been meaning to implement, I couldn’t wish you better luck. If not yet, let me give you a reason or two and you will, in not more than a few minutes, will be flying with your friend, idea in hand.

Let us begin at the beginning – from the definitions.  A hands-on approach is basically an approach – to anything – wherein you are intimately involved in the handling of something.  If that was Greek and Latin, a hands-on approach means to ‘do’ rather than talk or think about it or ask someone else to do it. This concept is so basic yet so vast that it finds application right from the roots to the topmost leaf. Whether it is raising your hand to answer in school, getting involved in projects, working as an apprentice or forming your own company, a hands-on approach will get you gold everywhere.

The hands-on approach is the one that utilizes action rather than thought. It tackles the problems so as to give immediate results. If you face a problem at work, and you hold meetings to discuss it, draft it on paper, make elaborate presentations, discuss the course of action and then talk some more before finally acting, chances are the problem might grow into either something too big to solve or too small to worry about, both rendering the entire process you went through, useless. Instead, when you face a problem, if you take initiative and focus on fixing the problem immediately, you’d save time and garner appreciation.

A hands-on approach provides a plethora of benefits like increased learning, increased motivation and skill proficiency as well as increased independent thinking and decision making based on direct experiences and evidence – all of which give an added boost to your personality, and thereby to your career. A risk taking, confident and ready-to-go man will always be preferred to an order-taking mule.

It may be pointed out that in course of taking action we may overlook the details involved in the thought process that is mostly skipped in the hands-on approach. Also, a hands-on approach is likely to fail, however slim the chances. But then, every rose has its thorn. There is no reason why the possibility of failure in a thought based hands-off approach is less than that its hands-on counterpart. The only difference is, in the latter, even though you fail, you will still win.

As an example to this cause, I refer the following link which depicts the real world implementation of the approach- How An Investor’s Hands-On Approach Led To A $525M Exit

So whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to do, do it now. Raise your hand, take initiative. Start doing it yourself and the world will follow.


Akshata Lanjekar

I'm the girl you see everyday- the one pushing her glasses further up her nose and making her way through the crowd. An avid reader and curious learner. I write to keep whatever sanity engineering has left in me, intact.


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