Who are You?

Yes, Who are you?

You read those three words and roll your eyes instinctively. The voice inside your head tempts you to abandon the topic at line one and go back to, say singing cats. Just when you are about to give in, a little voice squeaks out its wish that you go on. So, if you are happy with who you are, congratulations! You have achieved what we all crave for. If you wish to proceed, welcome to the family.

Blame it on the dog eat dog world or our need to impress, we do not really know who we are. We are so busy proving ourselves and trying to make a mark that we forget that we were meant to make a mark elsewhere. And this is just the start.

What I believe to be the real problem is that we find happiness, or at least the illusion of happiness in the place we end up in. Then one fine day, that illusion breaks because, let’s face it, you wouldn’t be truly happy unless you are doing something you actually love. That fine day, you will be sitting numb, asking yourself this very question.

So does this mean that you abandon whatever it is you are doing and go searching for your passion?
You can, provided you have the kind of money that lasts a lifetime and you are crazy. You are doing whatever it is that you are doing for a reason. Don’t abandon the reason.

But, there’s no reason so strong that it will take up all of those beautiful 24 hours you have. You can start by listing the things that make you happy. Better do it alone, because there’s no one else with whom you can be as utterly frank as with yourself. Then try doing the things balancing your time.

With proper management, you can be an entrepreneur who is a part time singer or a banker who is a novelist. Agreed, it will be hard at first but you will soon get the hang of it. And then you’ll know who you are.

Another aspect of the entire ‘Who am I?’ premise is emotions. Know your emotions; they make you human. Know what you feel and have the guts to admit it. Lying to yourself is probably the worst punishment you can give you, for nothing. When you try following your passion, have the courage to embrace it and to shun all negativity.

Most of all, never be ashamed of admitting that you aren’t meant for the place you are in. Know your mind and be able to give others a tour too. That day, you will cross the line between illusion and reality and you will find yourself.
That day you will leave the family and will be happier than any clam would ever be!

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