ENTREPRENEUR rather than just an EMPLOYEE

The time has gone when a graduate worry about job after completion of education. The time is changing itself and provide versatile opportunity to the creative and innovative ideas.
Yes! this is the time, in fact the right time for an unemployed, adamant, deterministic and creative graduates to introduce their-self in Indian market as an entrepreneur. Think creative, observe the need of society and launch your own startup.


1. INDIAN MARKET: Indian market is abysmal and colossal. It encompasses a wide range of customer. A large market flooded with money. A good product can easily overrule the existing one. Vast population of India make a crowded market. The market consists all strata of society. Now, it depends on you, how to grab the market.

2. TECHNICAL EVOLUTION: Past few years of global technology growth made a fervently impact on Indian society. The electronic gadgets and internet increases the mobility of information and hence the marketing accessibility. Currently India is the biggest smartphone market in the world. These all appraisals are good omen for a startup especially e-startups.

3. MINDSET OF PEOPLE: This new era comes with diverse population. Now, an IITian rejects a job of worth RS. 10 million per anum, Youngsters are not afraid of taking risks. People prefer online shopping. Indian education now does not wrapped within ENGINEER, DOCTOR or AN IAS. Indian are ready to accept the change, whether the change in living style or change in shopping style. They readily accedes the new stuffs. The youth wants to be an owner not an employee. They want to work in their own way not in a prescribed manner.

4. OPPORTUNITY: Indian market flooded with opportunity. Even American investors keep an eye on the Indian market. You may came with such news. There are many things still to do. You have to search basic needs of the people, and design a best Business model. The market is waiting for your product. Besides, these fundamental things many helps and supports came in to light. Many investors are eagerly investing in startups. The top tech giant of Indian market are nourishing the small startups. The important one is that first ever in history, the central government supports the new startup venture. They have issued budget for entrepreneur.

Are you scared ?
Don’t be (“Should we be scared ?” From Co-founder @ Townscript )

Find your self (Who are You?)

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Suman Saurav

A software engineer. Currently working on own stratup that is under development phase. Coming from very weak background. Want to change the society and backward people. Dream to become a serial entrepreneur and will give work to the people who really deserves. Believe in hard work and determination. Very versatile in work skill. Eager to learn new thing. Taking risk is hobby.


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