Self-Education : Best Investment Of Your Life

Self Education

The best investments are the investments you make in yourself. In your growth, in your understanding and in your evolution. The masters of all fields, name any, Bruce Lee, Albert Einstein, Albus Dumbeldore, Issac Newton, Maxwell they all had one thing in common, they invested in their self education. They explored the world around them with immense curiosity and passion.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”
– Albert Einstein

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”
– Issac Asimov

Benefits of Self Education

1. It makes you versatile:
You are just not limited to the things the system around you trains you for .You know about a lot of topics, you have a wider playground to play, you have multiple strengths on which you can build upon.

2. It makes you independent and powerful :
You don’t have to suffer because of poor infrastructure or unenthusiastic teaching staff around you. You are not anymore dependent on your school/university or your formal education. You depend on only yourself, you are independent. You chose what you read and you chose what you learn. You define yourself and take back the power you have given to others whom you have depended to make you learn.

3. It helps to meet people, make friends and grow socially:
Your self-education helps you to build a base in which equips you with little expertise at many topics and things which expands your zone to meet, interact and make friends from different walks of life. Having a wide and a rich quality circle helps individuals grow the fastest.

4. It changes your environment positively:
You become enthusiastic and self-sufficient and you inspire change around you. People follow on up, to find what makes you so versatile, independent, social and successful. With self-education you change people around you. You change your environment for the good .Your environment and the company you keep in many ways decides what actions you do. If you have a good environment you are tend to have a good life and vice versa.

5. It gives you power to do anything:
Self discipline doesn’t ask you write Mid Sem Examinations in the subjects you read.You have the power to what suits you and experiment. Do you want to build a plane, do you want to multiply your money in the stock market, do you want to learn speak French, do you want to know about all the Tanks?, whatever you want you can have it.You have the power to change anything to your will.You are self educated.

Self Education is the most powerful habit of highly powerful and successful Individuals, it is the art of directing yourself to learn about subject or subjects of kinds that interest you. Every master was once a beginner. Every professional was once an amateur. Begin today. Make the best investment of your life.

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Neeraj Murthy


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