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Introducing Web Development

You must have seen many Jobs for “Web Developers
as Front-end, Back-end Full-stack Developer or more Specific like MEAN Developer, LAMP developer, AngularJS developer etc. in short Web Developers.

I have been asked, How to start?, What to follow? or maybe What is Front-end? etc. So, Here’s something to help you, with this if you want to enter this industry, or if you are already inside and want to explore the new things.

 I wrote earlier about Basic Front Development and What Is front-end / UI development, made this Slideshow Web Technologies Basics.

I am always searching for something which can help me, help others understand or start smoothly, I think I found something really good, thanks to LearnCode.academy | YouTube.

This video answer most of those questions, be patient and you will have much better understanding of what you wanna do, or already doing :

And this is the Updated, Coggle with all the links :

Navigation Control: Click and drag to move about. Use Mouse roll for Up/Down OR Simple Keyboard Left | Right | Top | Down arrows to move about.
Right click to Zoom in / Zoom out
On finding an interesting node click on the link to reach the resource directly

Sane Tree but without Videos:

Hope this helped you, If you still have any question, please drop it in comments or mail us.

Feel free to comment and drop your views / suggestions. Ask any doubts if you have here in comments or write to us at 911@dlotus.com. Have a nice day.


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