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I’m supposed to do it later – as far as P.R. principles go anyway – but I am more candid and upfront on paper than I am in person. So, right off the bat. My name is Aayush Das and I am a writer.
Not heard of me? Not your fault! I am yet to be published apart from my blog – you can read it at .
This post is an introduction to the world of writing. If you like writing, or even reading, this is one blog that you’ll find amusing. Trust me, it takes a lot of skill to be that confident. Assertiveness is the product of sure-footedness after all!

Writing in the silicon age is not about elegance, eloquence and the flavour the descriptions create in your mind. No, the readers are busy these days, they can’t enjoy a seven course meal even if they want to; they’d rather have takeaway burgers. And such is the form of writing that flourishes today. Simple and straight up the alley. Like a digestive pill that one can wash down with a glass of water or soda.

That’s the kind of writer you’d want to be. That’s the kind of writer your friends would want to read.

So my articles on this blog will focus on telling you stuff you need to know if you want to turn your writing hobby into a profession. Feel free to ask any questions that pop up in your mind. The Writing Bug will get back with answers, every time!

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Aayush Das

A dynamic author cum student - you get a lot these days. But an author, an astrologer, a philosopher, a singer, an actor, (phew) and a lot more, all rolled into one person - that's what you don't get a lot. That's Aayush Das for you!


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